Sunday, 21 June 2009

Falsehood of Fools

So more ramblings and waffles with honey on top to come soon about my travels to MN! I am just working on the next one about this numpty's observations!

Till then, here is a poem I composed in May last year (sometimes I do get the urge to write some of that poetry malarkey). It is one of my favourite ones and was even used for lyrics on one of Plum Flower Embroidery tracks of the same title. I was rather proud of that and felt that the way the track turned out conjured up some atmosphere for the lyrics (even if Mr Ticharu flamin well did alter a couple of words. Ah well, Artistic licence I suppose!!).

I was mainly pleased with the way it turned out because as I was writing it the idea did start to develop of what I was trying to say. Usually I chuck a few words together, hope they work and don't really think too deeply about what I am trying to say and hope something gets across! But this was different.

I chose a few random words out of my mums angel book (Raphael being one) and began to write. As I wrote I discovered that Raphael, the name, means 'it is god who heels' or 'God please heal'. It was interesting as my poem started to develop on these lines. However, being more of the Pagan ilk, 'God' for me in this instance developed more as meaning the collectiveness of the universe. In addition to this, I started to link in with the Maxists theory of 'False Consciousness' (Ooo ark at her!! Theology, philosphy and idelogy all in one poem eh???). In my poem, Raphael is the collective unconscious trying to tap into us lot and say 'come on, wake up!! Realise what's going on in the world..etc'. PFE changed it slightly and saw Raphael on a more individual level, a person rather than the great unknown. This works too! Anyway I go on more than is necessary and have no doubt analysed WAY too much!

Here's me gubbins....

Falsehood of Fools

Raphael considers Orion,
and lets out a fertile breath.
The pride of humanity expires,
a consensus reality is all that is left.
The Falsehood of Fools
and charisma of thieves,
envelop chaste skulls,
cursed and revealed.
Tormented, Raphael fills a chalice,
an offering of intuition enfolds,
and fills a cauldron of emerald green,
a blue print to heal old souls.
A fecund gift of enlightenment,
he awakens from the unknown.
The veil of false consciousness lifts,
as the falsehood of fools are shown.
The falsehood of fools,
and charisma of thieves,
released from chaste skulls,
sated and healed.
Raphael sits and looks up,
and considers Orion in muse.
Raphael lets out a fertile breath,
as the consensus reality diffused.


May 2008

Blessing for now!!
Ta ra!!


Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Gentle Folks of Minnesota....Refined, Poised and Eccentric

For my fellow Brits (or other nationalities) who may be thinking 'where the heck is Minnesowwta anyway??'

Following on from my recent visit to Minnesota a few observations occurred to me and I thought I would just share them. Not sure why, or if anyone would be interested in me ramblings but, well, you're getting them anyway!

Those of you that know me, will know I have had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the State 4 times now. Very lucky at that I am too! There is so much to say about the place and so many observations that I decided to do little episodic blogs rather than one immense book-like one that I am often want to write! Overall I love the place and the people but today I would just like to share some observations about the gentle kind folks of MN (or at least parts of it!).

* Disclaimer!!* The following are, naturally, generalisations. I hate 'generalisations' but, not having met ALL the good folks of a State practically the size of England, it is hard to do otherwise! Maybe that is something to aim for! These are also MY observations as a tourist English numpty so be warned! No Offence Meant!!!!Also, having never visited any other State (although I did see Wisconsin from afar....hmm Ticharu...) I can't say if these are a common to just the State or are national issues!

Conversation and language...
When I first visited MN, I didn't really expect much difference in conversation, language and body language. 'Heck' I thought, we all speak a similar language, watch the same films and have had 'Maccy D's' and Burger King take over. In my ignorance I even thought the culture was broadly similar although I was worried about the stereotypes we Brits are subjected to in films and the media. You know, the load, brash and in yer face types! But no, this was not to be!!Quietly poised, quietly spoken and blimey, I would even say reserved people with a nice touch of eccentricity to boot.

The first thing I noticed was the pace and format of a conversation. It is slow....plenty of gaps to be left for pauses and reflective thought. Uncomfortable for those that don't like silence, but not meant to be so! When I first visited I thought it was just me, but as I visit more often, I have noticed it more. You just have to wait, wait and wait for a response. But it will come eventually. I have decided people (not all naturally!) from MN are somethin akin to Zen Buddhist. An example;

MN version
- 'How are you Mike, its been ages...'
- 'Ya...fer sure' *nods head*
- 5 minute silence...and serene looks
- 'I'm fine Frank, I won the lottery the other week donchya-no...'
- 'Oh right...Ooftah' *calm nod of head*
- 10 minutes of calm silence and serene reflected poise...
- 'So, how's the family Mike'
- 'Fine'
- A few more minutes silence
- 'Well it's been nice chatting with you, we'll have to catch up again soon'
Both amble off to calmly and quietly carry on their own way...

UK Version (obviously not ALL conversations go thus like...)
- 'Hey! Mike me ole mukker, how are yer? Bloody hell it's been ages...'
- straight in conversation mode
- F**k me Frank, where yer been??? Ain't seen you down the boozer for a while!'
- Nah, stopped going since the smoking ban came in didn't I??
- Well, yer'll have to come back t'pub. They got a heated patio for smokers now and dead fit bar maid...'
- *eyes widen* 'Blimey, I'm in mate....and F**k me, If I ain't gone and won the lottery last week. I'm minted!'
- F**K** ell!!!!!!! Yer definitely in there mate. Let's go for a pint!
- *run off to the nearest pub with patio heater*
etc etc etc...

A bit extreme I know but, it IS something I noticed. The whole stereotype of loud, brash and in your face American folks was smashed as I considered the fact that the reserved, quiet and refined stereotypeBrits may have might be more fitting to the folks of MN!

Excitability and Humour....
Following on from that, I found, as can be seen above, excitability isn't about bouncing up and down or dancing round like a cat on heat for some folks. It is a quiet, restrained nod of the head and maybe, just maybe, a smile!! This is another thing to get used and not be offended by if someone doesn't laugh in buckets at the amazing joke or comment you have just made! Tell a joke that IS funny but don't expect raucouslaughter! You may be greeted with a smile, or a slight turn up of the lips and a comment like '..funny'. It isn't being can be translated as 'that is bloody hilarious!!!!'

That said, there are exceptions to the rule! I remember my first visit to MN. It was also my first encounter in a shop. A futon shop. Never have I seen someone so excited (well Minnesota excited) about futons than the woman working there! Wide eyed as she discussed all the possiblilities of a futon and the variety mattresses available. That said, she was a sales person and a wide eyed, chatty one at that!

I LOVE eccentricity and is possibly one of the reasons why I have developed such a fondness for MN and its' people. For me, MN is an eccentric place to visit anyway. But the folks there are, I find, so wonderfully eccentric. Maybe that's just because I come from a very different world, or maybe it is just the case but, whatever, I love it. Examples include:

The wide eyed woman selling Futons
The cabin owner who said he liked to have his nipples bitten (duly noted in my first blog on MN),
Terry Gilliam
The massive cherry and spoon statue
The massive Paul Bunyan and Blue Ox statue
A sandpaper museum....

There are many more to mention and another blog to follow on my observations on this matter will follow! More blogs to follow will include...
* Interstates and roads
* Public restroom/toilets (them doors..or lack of!!!)
* Flora and Fauna
* Shops and shopping
To mention but a few!!

Again *disclaimer* These are my observations and as a consequence come from a numpty!!!
See yer soon!