Saturday, 8 November 2008

Stripey Socks & the Toad

Illustration by Jen Oaks at

Wallow, follow the empty look.
List what you cannot see,
hear what you cannot touch,
and smell what you cannot love.

Follow the empty look.

Slept fitfully and still in a dream,
her stripey pink socks and ever so red boots,
make for an interesting sight as she
rummages through her pockets.

Stood at the side of a gloom filled road,
she looks for a toad,
destined to become a Prince.
She drumes her feet,

pitter, patter
on the gloom filled street.

It's after dark.
The stripey socked princess is looking for her toad,
buried beneath a pile of rubble,
at the side of the gloom filled road.

No luck, no joy she cannot see,
but when she turns round,
he is there 'look at me!'.
Fully formed and wide eyed,
a toad, now a man.

No longer the empty look
when she once waited for sun