Saturday, 15 May 2010

A Good Ole Rant!

I have to get this off my (rather ample I have to say..) chest! I may sound like a grumpy old woman but, so be it. No-one may be reading but, again, so be it. I just have to rant at something, someone..anywhere!! I shall try and not swear, I promise, but it will be hard.


Again I shall even shout it out...


Phew, that feels better.. Warning, there may be a few more exclamation marks, it is a RANT after all.

Now I know in the grand scheme of things it isn't important. Wars, distruction, poverty, illness and a rather strange Government in place but still, I am fed up with it. I have, in the words of my dear boss, 'reached the end of my lollipop'. I have (almost) reached the point to where I will, with big bloody bin bags in hand and pink marigolds on, go all around the streets where I live and pick up every frikken piece of bloomin, sodding, soon to be rat infested, smelly, careless strewn litter there is. It may take some time.

Granted, where I live is not a 'posh' area, in fact it is quite deprived, but does that give people an excuse to make it look even more like a second rubbish dump??? What is it with people who just carelessly toss that KFC box, Maccy Ds bag, crisp packet out of their car window?? Is their car such a precious item that they cannot KEEP HOLD of these items and get rid of them once home? Or, if yer like me, have a few bags full of rubbish in the car that I keep forgetting to put in my bin *blush* But, at least it is in my car, and not tossed along the street or road.

I was walking in town the other day, I just happened to glance a person just finished their crisps and throw the bag in the road. It wasn't like an accidental drop, or even a PRETEND accidental drop (of which when I am younger I am sure I did *blush again*), it was a throw. Driving along I was behind someone who just threw a carton out of the window.... I saw a bloke blow his nose and throw a tissue into the goes on and on and on. And my blood pressure rises and rises. 'Calm down dear, it's just a bit of litter' I hear Michael Winner tell me! But it just builds up!

Why do people just seem to toss aside an empty drinks can, a crisps packet or fag packet on the street and then walk a few metres up their path into their bloody house? Do they have no bin inside? Do they not have one of those godforsaken wheelie bins??

My theory was that the bins of such careless minded folks must be completely empty... but then this theory was blown out of the water after Fridays rubbish collection day. Even the bloody bin collectors are at it. The street gets even worse after they have emptied the wheelie bins. WHY?? Surely the rubbish is supposed to go in the truck??

*deep breaths*

Sorry, sad aren't I? Or am I? Does this litter throwing community represent something more? Something to do with beliefs, values, apathy, ignorance? I don't know. But what I do know is..



Right I shall go now and promise next time to be lighter and free from litter stress. I intend to do something I haven't done before... attend the next meeting for this area at the council, it may help my sanity then again people may just look at me and think 'blimey what with all that is going on in the world she moans about this??'

I shall leave it for you to decide... Incidently I went out to take photographs in the street and back street where I live. When I was in the backstreet someone actually passed in their car, reversed and asked WHY I was taking photographs as they lived round there, I felt like saying I am taking photographs of the bloody litter. But I just said I lived round there too...unfortunately.