Monday, 1 March 2010

Why Photography?

Leaving Bokeh Behind

Such a question I ask myself, now and again, as I look at the countless number of photographs I have on computer. I had to transfer many to disc the other day as I think my computer was complaining about the number! Over 3,000 went on disc to be stored away to probably never be looked at again!

I have to admit, I am guilty of the crime ‘photograph hording’. No matter how I try I can never get rid of them. I come back from one of my sojourns, check my photographs and delete but a few blurry ones. I select a few for editing and the rest just get left (and put on disc at a later date) for me to never look at again! But, try as I might I can never press ‘delete’. Is this common theme for photograph-olics?

Anyway, back to the question I ask. Why photography? It is something I touched upon on my previous blog but I still come back to it and feel I need to explore some more! As I look at the photographs I display on Flickr I do ask why do I do it? I do enjoy taking photographs and it also means I get off the sofa and go out walking. I also enjoy editing and presenting the photos for others to see. But still some thing niggles at me and I ask why?

I enjoy receiving comments but it never fails to surprise me to see how one photograph I thought was ‘just OK’ receives a lot of positive comments whilst another I love doesn’t! Photography, so subjective! And again, still something niggles and I ask why?

I love and appreciate other people photographs and learn so much from them. But, just as I learn and enjoy seeing others works I can get disheartened as I see so many wonderful pieces of art and just know my work is what it is….raw, unfinished and, quite rightly so at this stage, amateurish. That said, that is how I like most things!!

Anyway, back to the question I still ask. Why do we do it? Why do you do it? I know for me it isn’t the money (I would never make any from this game!) or the fame (ditto!). Once I have completed a photograph and posted for others to see it is kind of ‘right, next one!’

It is strange, I shouldn’t really ask why? And just take it as art, a way of being creative and a way of showing part of myself that very often lies hidden. At work people are surprised when they see my photographs, possibly catching a glimpse of a person they never see. My family also appear surprised, maybe for the same reason. I am often surprised! I just see it as me pressing a button and ‘Hey Presto’. But I realise it is more about what we are seeing at that time and how we view the world differently from others, in other words, producing our unique art.

But once again, the whole process puzzles me and I am still left wondering why photography? What is it that captures mine, yours and others imagination? What is it that makes me look a photograph for ages ‘feeling’ the environment and the images? What is it that spurs us all on to take more shots? Stand knee deep in snow? Wriggle in the mud? Squat in a field? Just to get the shot?

Anyway..ideas on a postcard please!!