Monday, 13 July 2009

The Intertwined Minds

Here is a poem I wrote a good couple of years ago now. It speaks of soul mates and how I felt when I met mine :)

The Intertwined Minds

Think as one,
they seek and find,
the greater sum.

Of all parts known,
and all that's created,
a psychic connection,
a love that is sated.

The distance,
the space,
the time,
and a place.

Both came together,
In one long embrace.

The Intertwined Minds,
joined old moons ago,
and from that time forward,
have always been so.

The softest of touches.
The lightest of breaths.
The barest of whipers.
The gentlest caress.

The intertwined minds,
need not to feel these,
no physical senses,
the minds need to please.

The minds they do know,
they already see,
they already sense,
what is meant to be.

The intertwined minds,
need not to speak out,
just transfer a thought,
that removes any doubt.

The joining of minds,
and linking of souls,
the sensing of thought,
A connection that grows.

The intertwined minds,
are thinking as one,
seeking and finding,
the greater sum.


Lily-Wren 2007

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Falsehood of Fools

So more ramblings and waffles with honey on top to come soon about my travels to MN! I am just working on the next one about this numpty's observations!

Till then, here is a poem I composed in May last year (sometimes I do get the urge to write some of that poetry malarkey). It is one of my favourite ones and was even used for lyrics on one of Plum Flower Embroidery tracks of the same title. I was rather proud of that and felt that the way the track turned out conjured up some atmosphere for the lyrics (even if Mr Ticharu flamin well did alter a couple of words. Ah well, Artistic licence I suppose!!).

I was mainly pleased with the way it turned out because as I was writing it the idea did start to develop of what I was trying to say. Usually I chuck a few words together, hope they work and don't really think too deeply about what I am trying to say and hope something gets across! But this was different.

I chose a few random words out of my mums angel book (Raphael being one) and began to write. As I wrote I discovered that Raphael, the name, means 'it is god who heels' or 'God please heal'. It was interesting as my poem started to develop on these lines. However, being more of the Pagan ilk, 'God' for me in this instance developed more as meaning the collectiveness of the universe. In addition to this, I started to link in with the Maxists theory of 'False Consciousness' (Ooo ark at her!! Theology, philosphy and idelogy all in one poem eh???). In my poem, Raphael is the collective unconscious trying to tap into us lot and say 'come on, wake up!! Realise what's going on in the world..etc'. PFE changed it slightly and saw Raphael on a more individual level, a person rather than the great unknown. This works too! Anyway I go on more than is necessary and have no doubt analysed WAY too much!

Here's me gubbins....

Falsehood of Fools

Raphael considers Orion,
and lets out a fertile breath.
The pride of humanity expires,
a consensus reality is all that is left.
The Falsehood of Fools
and charisma of thieves,
envelop chaste skulls,
cursed and revealed.
Tormented, Raphael fills a chalice,
an offering of intuition enfolds,
and fills a cauldron of emerald green,
a blue print to heal old souls.
A fecund gift of enlightenment,
he awakens from the unknown.
The veil of false consciousness lifts,
as the falsehood of fools are shown.
The falsehood of fools,
and charisma of thieves,
released from chaste skulls,
sated and healed.
Raphael sits and looks up,
and considers Orion in muse.
Raphael lets out a fertile breath,
as the consensus reality diffused.


May 2008

Blessing for now!!
Ta ra!!


Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Gentle Folks of Minnesota....Refined, Poised and Eccentric

For my fellow Brits (or other nationalities) who may be thinking 'where the heck is Minnesowwta anyway??'

Following on from my recent visit to Minnesota a few observations occurred to me and I thought I would just share them. Not sure why, or if anyone would be interested in me ramblings but, well, you're getting them anyway!

Those of you that know me, will know I have had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the State 4 times now. Very lucky at that I am too! There is so much to say about the place and so many observations that I decided to do little episodic blogs rather than one immense book-like one that I am often want to write! Overall I love the place and the people but today I would just like to share some observations about the gentle kind folks of MN (or at least parts of it!).

* Disclaimer!!* The following are, naturally, generalisations. I hate 'generalisations' but, not having met ALL the good folks of a State practically the size of England, it is hard to do otherwise! Maybe that is something to aim for! These are also MY observations as a tourist English numpty so be warned! No Offence Meant!!!!Also, having never visited any other State (although I did see Wisconsin from afar....hmm Ticharu...) I can't say if these are a common to just the State or are national issues!

Conversation and language...
When I first visited MN, I didn't really expect much difference in conversation, language and body language. 'Heck' I thought, we all speak a similar language, watch the same films and have had 'Maccy D's' and Burger King take over. In my ignorance I even thought the culture was broadly similar although I was worried about the stereotypes we Brits are subjected to in films and the media. You know, the load, brash and in yer face types! But no, this was not to be!!Quietly poised, quietly spoken and blimey, I would even say reserved people with a nice touch of eccentricity to boot.

The first thing I noticed was the pace and format of a conversation. It is slow....plenty of gaps to be left for pauses and reflective thought. Uncomfortable for those that don't like silence, but not meant to be so! When I first visited I thought it was just me, but as I visit more often, I have noticed it more. You just have to wait, wait and wait for a response. But it will come eventually. I have decided people (not all naturally!) from MN are somethin akin to Zen Buddhist. An example;

MN version
- 'How are you Mike, its been ages...'
- 'Ya...fer sure' *nods head*
- 5 minute silence...and serene looks
- 'I'm fine Frank, I won the lottery the other week donchya-no...'
- 'Oh right...Ooftah' *calm nod of head*
- 10 minutes of calm silence and serene reflected poise...
- 'So, how's the family Mike'
- 'Fine'
- A few more minutes silence
- 'Well it's been nice chatting with you, we'll have to catch up again soon'
Both amble off to calmly and quietly carry on their own way...

UK Version (obviously not ALL conversations go thus like...)
- 'Hey! Mike me ole mukker, how are yer? Bloody hell it's been ages...'
- straight in conversation mode
- F**k me Frank, where yer been??? Ain't seen you down the boozer for a while!'
- Nah, stopped going since the smoking ban came in didn't I??
- Well, yer'll have to come back t'pub. They got a heated patio for smokers now and dead fit bar maid...'
- *eyes widen* 'Blimey, I'm in mate....and F**k me, If I ain't gone and won the lottery last week. I'm minted!'
- F**K** ell!!!!!!! Yer definitely in there mate. Let's go for a pint!
- *run off to the nearest pub with patio heater*
etc etc etc...

A bit extreme I know but, it IS something I noticed. The whole stereotype of loud, brash and in your face American folks was smashed as I considered the fact that the reserved, quiet and refined stereotypeBrits may have might be more fitting to the folks of MN!

Excitability and Humour....
Following on from that, I found, as can be seen above, excitability isn't about bouncing up and down or dancing round like a cat on heat for some folks. It is a quiet, restrained nod of the head and maybe, just maybe, a smile!! This is another thing to get used and not be offended by if someone doesn't laugh in buckets at the amazing joke or comment you have just made! Tell a joke that IS funny but don't expect raucouslaughter! You may be greeted with a smile, or a slight turn up of the lips and a comment like '..funny'. It isn't being can be translated as 'that is bloody hilarious!!!!'

That said, there are exceptions to the rule! I remember my first visit to MN. It was also my first encounter in a shop. A futon shop. Never have I seen someone so excited (well Minnesota excited) about futons than the woman working there! Wide eyed as she discussed all the possiblilities of a futon and the variety mattresses available. That said, she was a sales person and a wide eyed, chatty one at that!

I LOVE eccentricity and is possibly one of the reasons why I have developed such a fondness for MN and its' people. For me, MN is an eccentric place to visit anyway. But the folks there are, I find, so wonderfully eccentric. Maybe that's just because I come from a very different world, or maybe it is just the case but, whatever, I love it. Examples include:

The wide eyed woman selling Futons
The cabin owner who said he liked to have his nipples bitten (duly noted in my first blog on MN),
Terry Gilliam
The massive cherry and spoon statue
The massive Paul Bunyan and Blue Ox statue
A sandpaper museum....

There are many more to mention and another blog to follow on my observations on this matter will follow! More blogs to follow will include...
* Interstates and roads
* Public restroom/toilets (them doors..or lack of!!!)
* Flora and Fauna
* Shops and shopping
To mention but a few!!

Again *disclaimer* These are my observations and as a consequence come from a numpty!!!
See yer soon!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-200)

First off...apologise for the presentation of this post! For some reason blogger previews everything just right and then when I post and view blog words and pictures are all over the place. It drives me mad. I would normally go back and figure it out and present it better but today I just cannot be messin! Anyway...

Something prompted me recently to pick up my books about Hundertwasser which in turn prompted me to write about one of my favourite artists whom some may never have heard. For all old, and young, hippies everywhere, Hundertwasser is a man who, I feel, is a true inspiration. I mean, how can you not be interested in an artist cum envrionmentalist cum eco-warrior cum architect cum nude protester promoting hummus toilet dude???

Isle of Lost Wishes (1975)

Friedereich Hundertwasser was born in Vienna in 1928 and throughout his career caused a stir amongst the higher ups in society and politics. He created such interesting and thought provoking paintings, often using natural materials of vegetable dye and brick dust of course! But he wasn't just about painting, he was far more than an artist and his beliefs and views could be seen evident in his rantings (namely manifestos!), campaigning and architecture.

The most interesting thing for me about Hundertwasser, are his ideas about architecture and the modern world. He eschewed straight lines, sterility and the clinical presentation of modern buildings. He preferred to create architecture that blended in with its' landscape and surroundings and attempted to create architecture as art and buildings where people actually wanted to live and work. Trees, dirt and mould were all part of the natural world and should be embraced and not cleaned away.  

He planted trees on top of buildings and, amongst several of his 'manifestos' in 1972 he wrote 'Your Window Right - Your Duty' planning to make it obligatory to plant trees in the urban environment.  

Hundertwasser was very much of the view that a persons home expresses his or her individuality and, as such, he or she should be able to create the environment they live in in a way which they feel fits;

" A resident must have the right to lean out of his window and design everything his arm can reach on the wall outside just as it suits him. It will thus be visible from afar to everyone in the street that someone lives there" Your Window Right - Your Duty, 1958                           

rationalism in architecture' which encouraged freedom of expression in architecture and never more so emphasised his hatred for the uniformity of buildings stating;

"Today we live in a chaos of straight lines, in a jungle of straight lines. If you do not believe this, take the trouble to count the straight lines which surround you. Then you will understand, for you will never finish counting."

The Hunderwasserhaus in Vienna can be said to sum up all his work and belief's in one magnificent show of the blending of architecture, art and one mans' dreams. It is something of a creation, one I would love to see first hand (and LIVE IN!) and one which shows his love of the unusual, creating such a visually stunning, as well as practical home! 

Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna

Hundertwasser was renowned for presenting many of his thoughts, ideals and beliefs into manifesto's and letters as well as them being evident in his paintings and architecture. He was strongly opposed to humankind interfering with nature which embodied the way in which he created his environment.  One of the most striking 'manifesto's' I feel he wrote is 'There are no evils in nature'.  He states;

"A community should not consider it an honour how much spontaneous vegetation it destroys; it should rather be a point of honour for every community to protect as much of its natural landscape as possible."

On a simplistic level, Hundertwasser embraced life and nature and its' natural beauty and hated to see the devastation that 'man's' desire for waste, development and sterility had on the natural world. There are so many areas of Hundertwassers' beliefs, values, creative work and ethics that I could cover. I fear I may be rambling far to much! All I can say is, if you haven't heard of the man and are interested in more, the links above lead to a rather interesting site "Hundertwasser". Enjoy and remember, in the words of the man himself;

The straight line leads to the downfall of humanity!!



Friday, 13 March 2009

Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

Christina Rossetti

I have recently been reading the poems of Christina Rossetti and have to say I have been carried along by her wonderful use of words. I have always admired her brothers work (from the Pre-Raphelite brotherhood) Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and had heard of Christina along the way. But, other than Goblin Market, I had never read any of her other poems. Until now that is.

Currently working my way through 'Goblin Market and other poems' I just had to comment on her work. If only I could use words to conjure up such emotions and feelings as she has for me, I would indeed be a very happy person! Anyway I just wanted to share this poem with you. I found it moving and sad. But for me, these are often they are the greatest poems...

Christina Rossetti as depicted by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

by: Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

WHEN I was dead, my spirit turned
To seek the much-frequented house:
I passed the door, and saw my friends
Feasting beneath green orange boughs;
From hand to hand they pushed the wine,
They sucked the pulp of plum and peach;
They sang, they jested, and they laughed,
For each was loved of each.

I listened to their honest chat:
Said one: 'To-morrow we shall be
Plod plod along the featureless sands
And coasting miles and miles of sea.'
Said one: 'Before the turn of tide
We will achieve the eyrie-seat.'
Said one: 'To-morrow shall be like
To-day, but much more sweet.'

'To-morrow,' said they, strong with hope,
And dwelt upon the pleasant way:
'To-morrow,' cried they one and all,
While no one spoke of yesterday.
Their life stood full at blessed noon;
I, only I, had passed away:
'To-morrow and to-day,' they cried;
I was of yesterday.

I shivered comfortless, but cast
No chill across the tablecloth;
I all-forgotten shivered, sad
To stay and yet to part how loth:
I passed from the familiar room,
I who from love had passed away,
Like the remembrance of a guest
That tarrieth but a day.

Further information on Christina Rossetti ~

Monday, 2 March 2009

A collection of my favourite photos..

As taken by me!
I swear they are flukes! Although I do enjoy taking photo's! Yep, I am all out of words at the moment. Maybe I should be like PFE/Ticharu and offer my services..but rather than for £15 I am going free! Yes, I am cheap!
Hope you like my piccies :) They may go bigger if you click on them! I haven't tried it though!

Entwistle Reservoir, Bolton..
A local nature site..The first two photographs were taken 'as is' no filters, photoshop or anything. They just turned out like this and I love the colour and light that was captured at that particular moment. And the third I like because of its' solitary nature and, again, the colours that transpired.

Heysham Estuary, Morecombe.
The pin prick in the first one is a person, unknown, walking his/her dog. This is probably my favourite photograph. At first glance it almost looks as if the person is walking on ice. Again, another solitary pic. I must go for lonely figures in the distance!

I have a 'thing' for trees. Not interesting to most, but, for some reason I ALWAYS end up taking pics of trees. My Photo collection is reet rivetting!! And...I have lots more you know!!!
I do love the bottom one though, the 'hand tree' as it looks to me!

And finally ....
a few pics from close by, about 5 minutes walk from my house, in the middle of an industrial town such as this! I just love the bike! Do you think I should go back and get it? If I was being all philosphical about it I would say such a picture illustrates the throw away society we live in today! That said the bike looks like it was made in 1903! Oh, and I admit it, I didn't take the second pic here..but I was there at the time and I love the pic!

Hopefully next blog I will be inspired to write!
Ta ra for now!


Sunday, 22 February 2009

My Runes as made by me....

So the 'runic rambles' blog finished as soon as it started!
The intentions are there it is just finding the time! Anyway I shall try and make more of an effort with this even if it is just for me. I intended on having a blog for runes and one for general waffle but I am not sure this is working! I think it might work out better if me runic ramblings went in Lily-Wren!! Plus it is hard to keep 2 blogs. I have trouble with just the one...

It is difficult, I try to be disciplined in my efforts with the runes however, the runes call to me. I can't force them. It is hard to explain, I know I should learn more avidly but it isn't until the thought comes to me that I feel able to pick up my little pouch and cast!
Today I intend on doing a full reading that will consist of using all the runes and casting them on
the ground. There. I have said it now, and to all the world, so MUST do this. And MUST report back once I have discerned the meanings! But for now, I shall leave you with the rune I drew this morning.

This rune always gladdens my heart when I see it. It has been there for me through some difficult times and I always see this rune as one of 'mine'. Runes are like friends and strangers. There are a core 5 in my set of runes that turn up time and again. Some I have never 'met' yet. But these 5, well, I have become familiar with them. They are old friends I know well.

Eihwaz is such a rune. I feel a comfortable sigh of relief when I see it, a kind of homecoming and a sure sign that I need to keep on track and not give up. Eihwaz helped guide me through a very hard time a year or so ago and visits again to remind me these times pass.

There are several ways to pronounce the rune but I seem to gravitate to "Ay Waz". It is the thirteenth rune of the alphabet and its' symbol is that of the Yew tree. This alone is significant as the Yew represents Yggdrasil, the world tree. Odin, in his quest for knowledge, is believed to have hung upside down for 9 days on Yggdrasil where he discovered the Runes and their meanings (a bit of a simplistic explanation I know, but that's for another blog I feel).
The yew tree itself represents wisdom, strength and protection. As such Eihwaz teaches us to draw from these elements.

When used in divination it brings out aspects that can be linked to the Yew tree, a tree that has withstood the test of time and thrashing of all the elements:

* Survival
* Strength
* Reliability
* Dependability
* Trustworthiness
* Regeneration
* Enlightenment
* Endurance
* Defense
* Protection
* Secret
* Sacred knowledge

On a more personal level, I see Eihwaz as offering hope through even the hardest of times. Hope and protection. Obstacles may stand in our way and, at times, seem immovable. Hope has gone and we may feel like throwing in the towel. Eihwaz is sent to remind us that, like the Yew tree, we can withstand anything given the strength and endurance to see things through. It speaks of new beginnings and learning from the hard times we go through which enables us to grow and develop, enduring these hard times and knowing that they are for a reason.

Life is full of ups and downs. From the highest happiest high to the absolute depths of despair. Eihwaz reaches out to me in these depths, grabs hold of me neck and says 'Come on, it's OK to feel like you do but it shall pass. I promise. You have the strength to get through this, learn, grow and regenerate' A bit like Dr Who...

Blessed be

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


The masquerading mirror,
sinks slowly towards the dying edges of separation.
And we walk towards a puritan winter,
with the voice of an innocent scripture grasping,
pawing at the heavy door,
as bravery dies.

The winter of illusion,
fades into the summer of truth and the dying edges of unison.
And the media jury looks for one that can attone,
one breathing flames of red, gold, amber..gasping,
clinging to the heavy door,
as bravery dies.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year Reflections

So, it is 2009 and Happy New Year to you all!

I have wanted to blog for a while now but either not had the time or, when I have, I have been too knackered to write anything! I am sure you know how it goes....So 2009 and, for me, New Year's Day brings back the memories of the last year (and indeed year's since gone) and brings forward thoughts of the New Year to come. This year my New Years Eve was quietly lovely. And, whilst I went to bed at 10.30 last night, I was safe in the knowledge that I would be woken at midnight. Fireworks, singing and all kinds of drunken revellery abound round our way!

So I was able to welcome in the New Year at the appropriate time! *Bangs* *Whooshes* *Weeeeee's* were aplenty up my end and I am not taking dirty here people so put away those sewer like minds and thoughts!

That said, and 'drunken firework setting alight hair on fire celebrations' aside, once I was awake I found it hard to get back to sleep. I spent a couple of sad hours fretting about what has gone by and what is to come. It is often one of my 'things'. It can be the New Year or same old night. Lying awake in the wee hours worrying, sometimes crying, rarely laughing and a kind of 'long dark tea-time of the soul' wee hours feeling we all may have had.!

But have no worries for lickle me! It doesn't happen too often and tis but the night hours and the moon calling that brings such a thoughtful yet disproportionately sad repose. By the time the sun peeps over the hill, I am feeling much enlivened and more able to switch on my invisible cloak which protects from such thoughts! (Shortly before they come and take me away..... *wobble wobble ramble ramble bleaurgh....*)

Anyway, where was I?? Waffling in the New Year I think! Yes, I just wanted to recap on a year that started on 25th December 2007 with a rune reading which I did, in fact, blog about.
2007 and 2008 have been years of such tremendous changes, upheavals, sadness, happiness, confusion and clarity. All lumped together with a dash of uncertainty, a pinch of guilt and a cupful of determination and resolve. The end of 2007 found myself 'celebrating' Christmas and New Year alone, uncertain of the future and, probably, a stone lighter in weight (one positive there I think!)

So, twas on Christmas 2007 I did the rune reading which can be seen here Rune Reading So, what was the significance? If Any? Well, as I say in that blog, there was a great upheaval for all concerned, secrets had come to light but, as Ing the final rune cast said a time for looking forward to a new beginning. This has happened and, completing a circle of a year from then to now, the beginning has started. However, I feel that I am only at the VERY beginning of that wheel and uncertainty and the overcoming of many obstacles, for me anyway, still prevails.

I suppose that is what life is about.

We can never be sure what is around the corner, what is waiting to jump out at us, waiting to hurt or heal us, waiting to make us smile and laugh or cry and scream.

What will make us dance in 2009?
What will make us withdraw?
Who or what willl come into our lives tomorrow? Next week? Next month?
Who or what will make us sit up, take notice and move along a path never previously noticed? Who or what will leave our lives in a blaze of glory, sadness, regret or need? And all the while making us look back ..experiences, lessons learnt, wounds made and then healed loves lost and gained?

The only certainty is that such things are certain. They are essential parts of life and the cycle of life. They help us move onward, forward and develop.

If anything comes your way in 2009 and it makes you sit up, take notice and think 'I wonder..' this is usually because we are meant to 'wonder'. Do exactly that 'take notice' and move forward.

On a final note (and speaking of moving forward!) has ANYONE read The Idiot by Dostoevsky? If so, did they actually finish it? And if they did finish it, were they still alive by the end of it?! I am reading it and, to a degree, enjoying it, but blimey I think 2009 will be beset by this book!!

Anyway peace, love, blessings and hot banana's to you all!