Sunday, 22 February 2009

My Runes as made by me....

So the 'runic rambles' blog finished as soon as it started!
The intentions are there it is just finding the time! Anyway I shall try and make more of an effort with this even if it is just for me. I intended on having a blog for runes and one for general waffle but I am not sure this is working! I think it might work out better if me runic ramblings went in Lily-Wren!! Plus it is hard to keep 2 blogs. I have trouble with just the one...

It is difficult, I try to be disciplined in my efforts with the runes however, the runes call to me. I can't force them. It is hard to explain, I know I should learn more avidly but it isn't until the thought comes to me that I feel able to pick up my little pouch and cast!
Today I intend on doing a full reading that will consist of using all the runes and casting them on
the ground. There. I have said it now, and to all the world, so MUST do this. And MUST report back once I have discerned the meanings! But for now, I shall leave you with the rune I drew this morning.

This rune always gladdens my heart when I see it. It has been there for me through some difficult times and I always see this rune as one of 'mine'. Runes are like friends and strangers. There are a core 5 in my set of runes that turn up time and again. Some I have never 'met' yet. But these 5, well, I have become familiar with them. They are old friends I know well.

Eihwaz is such a rune. I feel a comfortable sigh of relief when I see it, a kind of homecoming and a sure sign that I need to keep on track and not give up. Eihwaz helped guide me through a very hard time a year or so ago and visits again to remind me these times pass.

There are several ways to pronounce the rune but I seem to gravitate to "Ay Waz". It is the thirteenth rune of the alphabet and its' symbol is that of the Yew tree. This alone is significant as the Yew represents Yggdrasil, the world tree. Odin, in his quest for knowledge, is believed to have hung upside down for 9 days on Yggdrasil where he discovered the Runes and their meanings (a bit of a simplistic explanation I know, but that's for another blog I feel).
The yew tree itself represents wisdom, strength and protection. As such Eihwaz teaches us to draw from these elements.

When used in divination it brings out aspects that can be linked to the Yew tree, a tree that has withstood the test of time and thrashing of all the elements:

* Survival
* Strength
* Reliability
* Dependability
* Trustworthiness
* Regeneration
* Enlightenment
* Endurance
* Defense
* Protection
* Secret
* Sacred knowledge

On a more personal level, I see Eihwaz as offering hope through even the hardest of times. Hope and protection. Obstacles may stand in our way and, at times, seem immovable. Hope has gone and we may feel like throwing in the towel. Eihwaz is sent to remind us that, like the Yew tree, we can withstand anything given the strength and endurance to see things through. It speaks of new beginnings and learning from the hard times we go through which enables us to grow and develop, enduring these hard times and knowing that they are for a reason.

Life is full of ups and downs. From the highest happiest high to the absolute depths of despair. Eihwaz reaches out to me in these depths, grabs hold of me neck and says 'Come on, it's OK to feel like you do but it shall pass. I promise. You have the strength to get through this, learn, grow and regenerate' A bit like Dr Who...

Blessed be

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


The masquerading mirror,
sinks slowly towards the dying edges of separation.
And we walk towards a puritan winter,
with the voice of an innocent scripture grasping,
pawing at the heavy door,
as bravery dies.

The winter of illusion,
fades into the summer of truth and the dying edges of unison.
And the media jury looks for one that can attone,
one breathing flames of red, gold, amber..gasping,
clinging to the heavy door,
as bravery dies.