Friday, 10 October 2008

Juniper and Lemons

Clouds of smoke lift on, upwards, bellowing out of the large man's body.... He lifts a wrinkled arm to wave at the pink cloud as she walks on by. The aromor of juniper and lemons fills the room as the cloud wafts on up and up to fill a haze drenched ceiling.

The juniper makes love to the lemon and creates a fire of citirus and a glow of amber as the large man looks on in awe....

Treacle falls down and lands at his feet.
His wrinkled arm reaches out as a nicoteine stained finger finds the treacle and lifts to his mouth to taste. Instantly, he is transformed.... His limbs become young and his mind returns to what it once was.

The man loosens his tie and rises up, onwards, higher to join the candy floss cloud and juniper and lemon scent.

He returns to love and joy....

Monday, 6 October 2008

Old ground new interest!

View from the top of Rivington

So, with Richard visiting the UK for the first time I have found myself visiting well trodden paths with new eyes. It is interesting looking at such familiar sights through the eyes of one from the US. I mean I have now come to the conclusion that Yes, we do drive way to fast and pack way too many cars in tiny streets.

Goodness knows how many of those streets I have driven up this last week! And yes, at least where I live, there is way too much crap and litter chucked about! But also, yes, we have some really lovely places...even up 'ere in the north west!!! It's been a whistle stop tour of the north west and we have yet to do Manchester, Liverpool and the Lakes before I go back to work next week!


So York was extremely interesting and I got to meet Mark Cottrell in the flesh (at last!!!) It's quite weird knowing that Richard met Mark before I did in the bloomin states and Mark being here in this country! And having chatted to Mark via email and phone and IM's over the last year or 2 it was nice to actually meet the sweet feller!
Mark and Richard in the Evil Eye

Ah well we meet at last and what a lovely meeting that was! Sat in the Evil Eye taking pics as Neutral Sons meet in the flesh for only the second time! Then a boozy evening spent at Mark's place with Richard and Mark making some kind of sounds and a lovely meal cooked by Mark and his lovely wife Ali. Breakfast was a treat, Mark (resplendent in dressing gown and lovely knees) cooking a lovely Cheese on Toast (the gourmet version no less...) before moves had to be made back home to a Lucy cat awaiting breakfast...

Rain rain rain.... lots of rain interspersed with the odd spot of sun....

Hebden bridge....

But Sunday was literally 'Sun' day and we headed out to one of my favourite places, Hebden Bridge, and Richard got to meet a friend of mine and her cute dog Poppy! ..

Walking through Hebden it was lovely, the sun and the people and the vibes and stopping off for a cuppa coffee by the river and walking along the canal in the afternoon sun... A lovely place to dream of living...


And so to Rivington, a local beauty spot complete with reservoirs, follies and walks a plenty! I have visited here many times before but it was interesting showing Richard around and reaching to the top of the hill with Richard.
Tired though!
So, all packed into just over a week! Not sure how much more I can fit in before work next week! It's certainly been action packed so far....!

Till next time!