Thursday, 28 January 2010

Waiting for Summer

Poppies, originally uploaded by Lily-Wren.


I took this last summer. Too much grey, snow and cold around at the moment has me anticipating spring with much excitement. That is if we get spring in these parts


Wednesday, 27 January 2010


self, originally uploaded by Lily-Wren.

Self portrait with a few tweeks and punches...

Monday, 25 January 2010

An illusion in water

An illusion in water, originally uploaded by Lily-Wren.

One of my recent photographs. Practically taken 'as is' - it was very foggy, atmospheric and eerie!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Photography and me..

First apologies for anything Blogger does to the settings when I actually publish this blog. It still drives me mad and after all this time I would have thought Blogger could become more intuitive. Anyway, enough ranting. Onto my blog!
Yep, I have caught the bug! I am now officially mad about taking photographs. Well, I have been for sometime but it waxed and waned. But something happened when the snow came down, I became a demon with a camera. Out in snow storms, snow capped lenses, wet boots and a snowy nose!

It has just caught my imagination, sucked me in and now I am at the stage where I am buying a couple of Camera magazines a week. What is it about those magazines though?? I love reading them and getting tips and so forth, but now and again, I am left with of feeling of disillusionment, quite often because there are so many wonderful photographers and a feeling I could never match that, but also a feeling of 'Why?'..'What for?' and 'What on earth is it all about?' Why do I get so much enjoyment in getting my camera out, heading somewhere for a morning and snapping?

I read an interview with Jane Brown, a renowned photographer, in one of said magazines. She was showing the interviewer around her home and came to a room where a lot of her famous photographs were on the wall. She sighed and just turned to the interviewer and said she wondered what is was all about though. At that moment I knew what she meant!

Anyway, that aside, I do enjoy taking photographs and looking at them. I could gaze at snaps on Flickr for hours on end, and often do! Very often, photographs will stir emotions in me, an sometimes (call me insane?) I actually think I can taste, smell or feel what the photographs are conveying. I also feel that a photograph says so much more about the photographer than the subject being photographed.

It is a very creative force, much like art, writing, music and poetry. Each picture revealing something of the person who captured it. I suppose in saying this I have answered my own question! I think that is what I get out of it. I have always wanted to be 'creative' but felt I have never quite managed it. With photography I suppose I am working towards that way of showing myself through creativity. Possibly.

That said, I do wonder what some of the photographs I have taken say about me!! No, don't tell me!!

Next venture is a new camera! I currently use a Fuji Finepix s8000fd. Not quite an SLR yet (money won't allow) and the next camera I am getting is a Sony Cybershot F828 so I am hoping this has a super duper function that can help create better than ever photographs!!