Monday, 13 July 2009

The Intertwined Minds

Here is a poem I wrote a good couple of years ago now. It speaks of soul mates and how I felt when I met mine :)

The Intertwined Minds

Think as one,
they seek and find,
the greater sum.

Of all parts known,
and all that's created,
a psychic connection,
a love that is sated.

The distance,
the space,
the time,
and a place.

Both came together,
In one long embrace.

The Intertwined Minds,
joined old moons ago,
and from that time forward,
have always been so.

The softest of touches.
The lightest of breaths.
The barest of whipers.
The gentlest caress.

The intertwined minds,
need not to feel these,
no physical senses,
the minds need to please.

The minds they do know,
they already see,
they already sense,
what is meant to be.

The intertwined minds,
need not to speak out,
just transfer a thought,
that removes any doubt.

The joining of minds,
and linking of souls,
the sensing of thought,
A connection that grows.

The intertwined minds,
are thinking as one,
seeking and finding,
the greater sum.


Lily-Wren 2007