Monday, 8 February 2010

Ramblings of a newly devoted photography addict..

The Edge of the World

My foray into the world of photoblography (can this be a new word?) starts with my bewilderment of this pointy, clicking thing and an addiction that has ensued.

During the extremely winter weather period, I found myself in the local park, knee-deep in snow and braving windy, practically blizzard, conditions. I hardly noticed my hands turn red then blue as I began to shoot anything in sight. I wasn’t aware of how long I had been out there as I continued to click. Snow covered my lens, I was wet and insane but it didn’t matter! The addiction had taken hold. My partner had stayed at home and just shook his head as, what appeared to be a rather cold, wet snowman, entered the house with a look of glee and the uttering of “I got some GREAT shots” as I pushed him off the computer and hurriedly put the little card in it’s slot to check them out.

This is just one example of how much photography has grabbed me by the neck and wrenched me out to places during some of the most inclement weather. Without a camera I would in no way venture to such places and in no way leave the warmth and comfort of my bed. Other people must wonder 'What the heck is she doing??' as I amble down the street taking pictures of abandoned crisp packets and plastic cartons or lurch gracelessly around a field covered with knee-deep snow.

I find I want bigger and better with the camera as well. I run before I can walk! Last year I graduated from a small compact Samsung camera to a larger Fuji Finepix bridge camera. After only a few months I have moved on to a Sony Cybershot. I haven’t even picked this up yet but I find myself reading copious numbers of magazines, looking at fantastic works of photographic art that get me salivating over fancy SLR camera's, fancy lenses and words I have yet to understand. I wouldn’t know how to turn an SLR on yet ne’er mind use it but I WANT ONE!!

What is it that drives me on? Why this avid interest in setting up a shot and clicking? Why does it drive me to such places in such weather? I read an article the other week by Jane Brown the Observer Photographer (amongst many other photographic works). She was being interviewed when she showed the journalist to a room where some of her finest shots of famous people were and just said ‘But what is it all for?’ That is something I felt and asked myself on several occasions.

Sinead O'Connor by Jane Brown

Why have I got countless numbers of photographs on my computer (many that I won’t look at again!)? Why this continual quest? I know I won’t get fame from this art – it’s a very competitive business and some of the work out there is ASTOUNDING! I know I won’t get money. As much as I would like both! I know I am not up to standard but it is something I strive for. But why? To what end?

I look at the magazines and photographs on here and sometimes become inspired and other times disillusioned. How can I create such beauty like they have? How on earth can I get to that stage? Why do I want to!? Well, for now, I have decided it is just something I just enjoy. I have found something I am ‘in to’. I feel a sense of achievement when I take a photograph I, and if I am lucky,other people, enjoy.

I always wanted to be a creative person, to paint and draw, write poetry and do something as a form of creative expression. Circumstances and my rather working class upbringing always told me that I wasn’t good enough or an ‘arty’ person - 'Yer won't get neywhere paintin them there pitchures' or, as one technical drawing teacher said about my effort 'Ee lass, it looks like a spider drew them lines....'

An Illusion in Water

Times change and I now think photography allows me to become that person! To show what I enjoy and want to display creatively. I feel that a photograph says much about the photographer as the subject being captured and I like that idea. I love the feeling of capturing a moment in time, of knowing your photographs will be very different to mine. Or looking at a photograph and just ‘feeling’ it (I can’t think of any better way to describe it!). I suppose that’s the answer to my own question ‘what’s it all for?’ How about you!?

Glastonbury Blessings!