Friday, 13 March 2009

Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

Christina Rossetti

I have recently been reading the poems of Christina Rossetti and have to say I have been carried along by her wonderful use of words. I have always admired her brothers work (from the Pre-Raphelite brotherhood) Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and had heard of Christina along the way. But, other than Goblin Market, I had never read any of her other poems. Until now that is.

Currently working my way through 'Goblin Market and other poems' I just had to comment on her work. If only I could use words to conjure up such emotions and feelings as she has for me, I would indeed be a very happy person! Anyway I just wanted to share this poem with you. I found it moving and sad. But for me, these are often they are the greatest poems...

Christina Rossetti as depicted by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

by: Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

WHEN I was dead, my spirit turned
To seek the much-frequented house:
I passed the door, and saw my friends
Feasting beneath green orange boughs;
From hand to hand they pushed the wine,
They sucked the pulp of plum and peach;
They sang, they jested, and they laughed,
For each was loved of each.

I listened to their honest chat:
Said one: 'To-morrow we shall be
Plod plod along the featureless sands
And coasting miles and miles of sea.'
Said one: 'Before the turn of tide
We will achieve the eyrie-seat.'
Said one: 'To-morrow shall be like
To-day, but much more sweet.'

'To-morrow,' said they, strong with hope,
And dwelt upon the pleasant way:
'To-morrow,' cried they one and all,
While no one spoke of yesterday.
Their life stood full at blessed noon;
I, only I, had passed away:
'To-morrow and to-day,' they cried;
I was of yesterday.

I shivered comfortless, but cast
No chill across the tablecloth;
I all-forgotten shivered, sad
To stay and yet to part how loth:
I passed from the familiar room,
I who from love had passed away,
Like the remembrance of a guest
That tarrieth but a day.

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Monday, 2 March 2009

A collection of my favourite photos..

As taken by me!
I swear they are flukes! Although I do enjoy taking photo's! Yep, I am all out of words at the moment. Maybe I should be like PFE/Ticharu and offer my services..but rather than for £15 I am going free! Yes, I am cheap!
Hope you like my piccies :) They may go bigger if you click on them! I haven't tried it though!

Entwistle Reservoir, Bolton..
A local nature site..The first two photographs were taken 'as is' no filters, photoshop or anything. They just turned out like this and I love the colour and light that was captured at that particular moment. And the third I like because of its' solitary nature and, again, the colours that transpired.

Heysham Estuary, Morecombe.
The pin prick in the first one is a person, unknown, walking his/her dog. This is probably my favourite photograph. At first glance it almost looks as if the person is walking on ice. Again, another solitary pic. I must go for lonely figures in the distance!

I have a 'thing' for trees. Not interesting to most, but, for some reason I ALWAYS end up taking pics of trees. My Photo collection is reet rivetting!! And...I have lots more you know!!!
I do love the bottom one though, the 'hand tree' as it looks to me!

And finally ....
a few pics from close by, about 5 minutes walk from my house, in the middle of an industrial town such as this! I just love the bike! Do you think I should go back and get it? If I was being all philosphical about it I would say such a picture illustrates the throw away society we live in today! That said the bike looks like it was made in 1903! Oh, and I admit it, I didn't take the second pic here..but I was there at the time and I love the pic!

Hopefully next blog I will be inspired to write!
Ta ra for now!